The Second Wave Releases «Human Or Machine» EP Via Morpheus Black

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Por: Nancy Gómez

The emergent Mexican talent and Morpheus Black Label boss The Second Wave returns to present his EP «Human or Machine«. In the middle of a year when the pandemic continues to do its thing and the producer has had a great acceptance among lovers of techno and dystopian concepts. This EP has been the closing with a flourish of a chaotic and interesting period to give the way to one of epic proportions.

Among so many releases of national and international talents by Morpheus Black and White and releases in several of the best labels in the world, it is a pleasure to see The Second Wave here. Faced with such an event, he could not have come up with one more single from his vast catalog of productions. Therefore, he presents an EP that takes us on a journey worthy of a science fiction movie. In accordance with the line sustained throughout his history as a producer and confirmed in his first studio album: Behold The Nexus, «Human or Machine» has been asking whoever listens to this work the following questions:

«What is Humanity and its role in the universe? What makes us really human? Are we in essence just hardware commanded by our programming? Or Is there the possibility of making and deciding our own paths of life?

Human or machine ep

¿Human or Machine? Choose your side

From beginning to end we can find two positions on a sound level regarding the producer’s philosophy of life. On the one hand, the intro and the outro show their more human and warm side. Which plunges us into dystopia from a more optimistic point of view. On the other hand, he makes music for his own enjoyment with aggravating chords that feel as if we were in front of a murderous machine. Which carefully observes our movements.

This battle between man and machine has been the common thread of The Second Wave, as mentioned above, but behind this, we find a more personal reason. One related to a profound event that changed his perspective on the world completely. According to his own words.

«I always felt like a machine myself as if I could never connect to this «something» everyone seemed connected to. Just existing without a purpose and without a real chance or call it permission. If you will to express my true feelings for everyone was expecting so much of me at that moment. In the end, music set me free, it allowed me to do what I love, connect with people, share experiences and to just let it all flow for a moment. Let it be on a car trip, a party, a concert or on the stage. It allowed me to feel human, to experience life from a side where I know I can be myself»

The Second Wave

In summary, the «Human or Machine Ep» is an open letter to the interpretation of the listener, in which it gives two interpretation options of the dystopia in which it is immersed: being a human or a machine. To sum up, even more, it was his way of confronting his past. A way of turning his own pain into something positive for people with a message of liberation, the one that just freed him.

You can listen to The Second Wave-«Human or Machine» EP below!

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