Sarahi Boriu evokes healing and repair moments with «Blue Lovers»

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Por: Nancy Gómez

Sarahi Boriu, the Mexican trance scene revelation and prodigious producer who is willing to invade the world with pure and thunderous magic, typical of unicorns, presents her first single «Blue Lovers» through Morpheus White Recordings. Also, one of the talents who are among the proud graduates of one of Be-Tronic Learning‘s premier training programs. The single is set to captivate those who lend their ears for a moment. With a tune that even a curious unicorn would loop through its built-in turntable (which is located on its horn).

Did someone say trance and unicorns? In this way, we invoke Sarahi Boriu. Who is she?. Well, Sarahi Boriu is a Trance-focused project, incorporating light nuances seeking to re-visit the classic sound of the genre’s roots to reinvent it in the company of this and other worlds beings allowing us to take a glimpse of that we took as fantasy. She has the mission of creating a safe place allowing freedom to flourish in the public, uniting their souls into a collective entity guided by the beat of ethereal atmospheres and epic melodies waking a sense of euphoria, dysphoria, and even melancholy.

Behind the project we find Sarahí Rubio, who at the age of 23 has achieved important milestones for her career, gaining experience behind the players as the headliner of the «Virtual Syntax Error» event and also having participated in the lineups of «Under Circle«, «Fashion Queer Mexico» and concepts such as G-Martell‘s «Inner Circle». Now she officially presents her first single, with many encountered feelings.

Sarahi Boriu Blue Lovers

Sarahi Boriu- «Blue Lovers»

«Blue lovers is inspired by a love story where a girl who is fed up with ephemeral relationships begins to reach the limit by giving up because she feels trapped in a gigantic fish tank that she cannot get out of, however someone arrives and starts It has to show him that things are not that way, he shows him the ocean of opportunities that exist and that of course despite adversity it is possible to have an authentic connection with another being».

Sarahi Boriu

«Blue Lovers» is a trance proposal with shades of progressive house and dance, which refers directly to the works of Solarstone and Giuseppe Ottaviani in the softest possible way. It gives a feeling of freshness and purity which accompanies a series of measures that enclose you in an ethereal soundscape, where there is only overcoming and infinite love that only this genre can offer.

Listening to this proposal refers us directly to the «Pure» concept but at the same time, it brings us something completely fantastic, typical of unicorns, part of the musician’s branding. Along with this first release comes a meet & greet with this talent, which took place this December 3 at the Morpheus White offices. These are located in Reforma 296, in the heart of Mexico City. Those who were present had the opportunity to meet and be part of the beginnings of a solid trance scene full of good proposals, which is predicted for the next few years.

You can listen to Sarahi Boriu-» Blue Lovers» below!

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