Morpheus Black Releases Its First Compilation-ever «Against The White Light»

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Por: Nancy Gómez

Morpheus Black celebrates the end of its first year as an emerging label with a fascinating compilation. In this, they are in charge of bringing together the best signed during the 2020-2021 period. This is called «Against the White Light» with some national and international artists. Which shows the enormous versatility and talent with which they intend to immerse listeners in a completely desolate world, but intense and fun at the same time.

The «Against The White Light» compilation has some of the most appreciated techno underground artists shining alongside the label founder, The Second Wave. Including link-ups with flag-bearers such as Acid Enigma, BAIRES, Bautista HA, and Oisin. This ten-track album is chock of timeless cuts and productions destined to withstand the test of time.

«What does the color white symbolize? Purity and Innocence. We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones. Most people are never going to die because they are never going to be born. So why fight the dark void when our real enemy is in front of us? So let us unite and set our fight against the white light».

Next, we will see 5 of the 10 tracks that make up this work, as a kind of preview for what we can find there.

1. The Second Wave- Against Our Nature

The first single released on this imprint could be neither more than a job by the CEO. The Second Wave on «Against Our Nature» to the rhythm of the darkest techno captures us a daily struggle with our own nature. Some philosophers call it the expression of the suffering of the will and the representation or the pulsions in the case of psychoanalysts. A good way to start, the central purpose of this future producer home is with the desire to fight against the standard and trends.

2. BAIRES- Los Astros

BAIRES proposes to us in their double single called «Los Astros» a musical way of reaching the distant elements of our planet. Although contrary to what we might think, the songs come out a lot of what we can consider as cosmic techno. Rather than showing us a more beautiful and harmonious side, it locks us up in how terrifying and deadly the universe can be, the epitome of anxiety itself.

3. Acid Enigma- Tesseract

Acid Enigma‘s double single was tasked with exploring several of the concepts that govern humanity in several ways. «Tesseract» takes us on a space trip where we realize that space and time are only perceived by humans, for the universe that notion does not exist. All this through an acid techno ideal to be enjoyed in a club full of darkness in Berlin like Berghain or Tresor.

4. Oisin-Sanctae

The founder of the iconic ZM collective presents a double single, with «Sanctae» the one chosen to fight the forces of good or something like that. The truth is that selecting a song that refers to something sacred for a certain role sounds contradictory, but in reality, it is part of that delicate balance present both in the Morpheus White compilation and in «Against The White Light». All with the techno power to the fullest.

5. Bautista HA- 4fra1d

And last but not least, the Latin American producer Bautista HA presents one of his darkest singles called «4fra1d«. A proposal is full of techno so dark and with environmental touches full of unpredictable elements that it encloses you in a space with great anxiety due to the overflow of uncertainty. One of the singles that marked the year and also a clear symbol of the quality that Morpheus Black has pursued since its founding.

You can listen to Morpheus Black- «Against The White Light» below!

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