Plucka Releases His Morpheus Black Debut EP «Nothing Else»

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Por: Nancy Gómez

The Italian talent Plucka releases via Morpheus Black «Nothing Else« his first work of 2022 and debut on the Mexican-Japanese label specialized in techno and hard genres. He presents us with a deep, textural, and powerful techno work that transports us to a world full of spiritual depth and a sense of companionship in the midst of desperate desolation and depression.

Out of Italy, Plucka has been making whatever kind of techno suits his deep wish to communicate how pleasant and at the same time so dark that the human being can become. «Nothing Else» presents functional, contemporary-sounding techno, replete with serrated granular synthesis and leaden kick drums. This producer shows his abilities in a minimalistic way, heavy and precise, full of complex grooves.

Plucka- Nothing Else EP tracks

Plucka Nothing Else EP

The first track «Nothing Else» features a dark and intense journey through powerful kicks, but which sinks into a warm and repetitive vibe, giving it a deeper, progression-focused quality. Slowly builds in intensity on its base of bobbing hand drums, like smoke slowly curling around while we are enjoying the pure techno flavor.

While «A Midnight Storm» is a trippy broken beat number with disorienting pattern and tempo changes, a solid example of the experimental tendencies that seep into this work. This turns out to be the most aggressive and emotionally charged track on the EP, at the same time with a feeling of joy and comfort. The best thing about this theme is hearing these tendencies kicked into overdrive.

Finally, «Soul’s Heartbeat» could soundtrack an action movie fight sequence set in an opulent nightclub. At the same time, it’s a clear representation of how techno can be a genre that connects with the depths of our soul to release a host of feelings of all kinds and shapes. This is built around jittering drums and sharp, shuffling hi-hats. Its jabbering synths give lend the track a nail-biting edge. In summary, Plucka has every element to bring up the techno boundaries to the next level and his productions are excellent to complete the Morpheus Black Mission and techno reconfiguration.

You can listen to Plucka- Nothing Else EP below!

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