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Welcome to the second part of» Between Soap and Stuff» the new section where we summarize the best and worst news around the music scene this last week. On this occasion, we can find some curious items like the fact we can mix from our Dropbox in the new Pioneer, CDJ 3000, more COVID restrictions in Europe, with many organizers afraid of a definite close and some curious facts to amenity your day.

Of course, you cannot miss a good dose of music with some emerging national references and old well-known legends in the world. Much future rave, trance, and others that dominate and will dominate the consumer market among fans, media, of course, other entities that are part of the electronic music scene.

Unfortunately, we also have deaths, in this week, of a great visionary who changed music and fashion to levels that we had not even thought of before. Rest in peace to all those who have inspired great names in whatever field they operate. Without more to say, let’s get started

1.-Sarahi Boriu releases her first- ever trance release

The Mexican trance revelation Sarahi Boriu releases on Morpheus White her first-ever track called «Blue Lovers«. This is the culmination of a transformation process where the producer learned many things. The single is highly reminiscent of the works of Giuseppe Ottaviani, some progressive trance referents, and especially Solarstone, one of her favorite DJs.

It is interesting to see what we consider to be the beginning of a strong trance scene consolidation in Mexico. For the world, this country is known for having very loyal fans, but it is not exactly a benchmark when we talk about its local DJs and producers. Sarahi Boriu, along with others, thinks to change things, and we will be aware of what they will do to reach their dream stage.

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2.-Pioneer DJ adds cloud Djing to their flagship

Pioneer DJ has added a new feature that lets you, DJ, from the cloud using the CDJ-3000. CloudDirectPlay allows you to connect up to six CDJs to the internet via the same hub that’s used to Link devices – there’s no Wi-Fi capability for individual players yet – and use your USB storage device as a way to authenticate your Dropbox account and access your tracks and metadata stored there. You’ll need a Creative or Professional rekordbox plan to use this feature. Still not available for other cdjs such as CDJ- 2000Nxs.

To set up, you simply connect the CDJ-3000 multiplayer to the internet with the PRO DJ LINK connection and a LAN cable. After doing so, you can start to use your rekordbox CloudDirectPlay. CloudDirectPlay is available free for the 3000s. As mentioned, you’ll need a Creative or a Professional plan to use the feature, which starts at  £14.99 a month. Find out more on Pioneer DJ’s website.

3.- Artists criticize Spotify CEO $100m investment on AI defense Tech

We would say that Spotify when it comes to espionage and advertisements is the order of the day, but when it must pay artists fairly, it exits. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has invested €100 million into defense company Helsing. This Munich start-up plans to use artificial intelligence to support militaries in battlefield assessment operations. This new AI software should recognize patterns from the camera, thermal image, radar data, and information from other sensors to create a situation picture that is as accurate as possible.

Many users and artists were angry at such news and decided to express this disagreement with the hashtag #Boycottspotify. Some claim is contradictory to the philosophy of music to support companies that promote war and violence.

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4.- Majority of concert attendees don’t wear ear protection

One of the most common problems among all those who are dedicated to the night scene is the fact of losing the sense of hearing abruptly or gradually due to the continuous exposure to very loud sounds. Well, this extends to concertgoers, who according to one study choose not to wear hearing protection. The poll, conducted by, has found that 64% of live event attendees don’t wear ear protection at live shows.

The maximum volume level for personal listening devices is 105-110dB, which is also the range for most entertainment venues. Hearing loss can occur in less than five minutes after exposure to this volume level. Long-term exposure causes tinnitus and other atrial problems that do not necessarily lead to deafness. Although, they can give many issues when distinguishing frequencies and tones.

5.- Sydney Blu and Rebekah launch campaign to increase female representation on record labels

In the midst of a genre where female representation is extremely minimal, many exponents plan initiatives to change those numbers. Rebekah and Sydney Blu have teamed up to launch a campaign to encourage record labels to add more women artists to their roster. The 23by23’s is the name of this movement, this aims to get at least 23% women artists by 2023.

Labels such as Soma, Club Sweat, Toolroom, and Gorgon City‘s REALM are backing the campaign with the launch of a number of remix competitions and demo challenges on Native Instruments’ Metapop community. The pair have also got Ableton on board, with a plan set out to create and host various pieces of online production content in 2022, with a focus on supporting women, trans and non-binary artists.

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6.- Visionary Virgil Abloh dead at 41

Unfortunately, this week we also had bad news and even losses of big names. This week, the great visionary Virgil Abloh has passed away due to various complications from cancer that he suffered from for more than two years.” He “chose to endure his battle privately since his diagnosis…undergoing numerous challenging treatments, all while helming several significant institutions that span fashion, art, and culture,” his team wrote in a November 28 statement announcing his death from the disease.

Abloh founded his own fashion high-end streetwear brand Off-White in 2013, growing it into a major player of the Milan fashion scene – collaborating with brands such as Nike and IKEA. He also was an established DJ – headlining shows at the likes of Hï Ibiza, Phonox, Tomorrowland, Circoloco, fabric, XS Nightclub, and more. He has performed under both his own name, alias FLAT WHITE, and as the duo Paris, IL alongside Guillaume Berg.

7.-Berlin to ban dancing in nightclubs the next December 8th

More restrictions on the increase in COVID-19 are on the way, at least in Europe. It turns out that Germany is putting tough restrictions on recreation, especially unvaccinated people. At this time we are dealing with the issue of clubs, which as of December 8, can open at 50% of their capacity and their attendees will not even have the remote possibility of dancing.

This move from the Berlin senate comes after Germany’s federal government said that all nightclubs in states with high COVID-19 rates must close. These regulations include restrictions on the number of people attending football matches for teams including Union Berlin and Hertha.

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8.- Elton John listens to dance music when he takes the morning shower

Every time Elton John gives an interview to the media, it turns out to be a pleasant experience, full of mystery and experiences that surprise more than one person. This time he just comes to Glitterbox Radio and mentions listening to electronic music when he just gets up and takes his morning shower. Evermore touched on topics such as music-making, music consumption, the AIDS epidemic, and Sir Elton John’s non-profit organization Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Speaking on dance music, Elton John said: «I love dance music and any chance I get to play it, I will. It’s a much-maligned musical genre and always has been since disco started. First thing I do when I take a shower in the morning is listening to dance music. Glitterbox is usually one of the things I play.»

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9.- The return to raving is causing burnout to nightlife workers

Since the pandemic began, we have all longed to return to festivals and club parties to feel the power of music. Although no one expected the enormous workload and even the anxiety that nightlife workers can cause returning to their jobs. Resident Advisor published an article where several agents of the scene put their points of view on many of the variants that affect workers and contribute to their burnout.

Within this research work, we note that the main variable that contributes to this state of extreme stress and anxiety is uncertainty. Many try to cover the maximum number of dates possible, not knowing if this is going to be like in 2019, or we are going to go back to the airtight confinement that nearly killed them last year. That is for those who are relatively lucky, for others it is simply working hard for little or no money, which frustrates them even more.

10.- Last but not least: David Guetta and MORTEN join together for «Alive Again»

And finally, we have the featured single of the week, the return of the undisputed current kings of the future rave movement: David Guetta and MORTEN. Guetta reverts to his progressive house roots, on a deeper take of techno and tech-house driven tracks ready for the dance floors. As Back continued his evolution to the underground, so did everyone else. Roland Clark, MORTEN, and Guetta team up for blazing collab with shockwave house hooks.

Right now we are in a transitional process between house music, a product of confinement, and that of festivals, together with the clubs. And yet every time these two characters release something, EDM internet explodes, making us see once again that the Future Rave is here to stay. Tiesto knows it, since this single is signed on his kaleidoscopic Label: Musical Freedom.

These were the news of «Between Soap and Stuff» that marked the week of November 28, December 05, 2021, follow us for more info like this, and do not worry, Spanish will be the king language in Be-Tronic, but it is not bad to do it from time to time in English. See you next time.

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