Production For Dummies Part 1:The Artistic Essence

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This article is part of a special section called «Production for dummies». This is a collaboration between Be Tronic and The Second Wave. It’s a weekly section where the producer and DJ explain to us in an entertaining and fun way the things to consider dedicating themselves to this entertainment sector from a technical aspect. Perfect to capture your talent to the fullest, at the same time, understand the complex but incredible electronic music picture and artistic essence.

Have you ever wondered what is that “something” that makes you say: this song sounds like this or that artist? How can be electronic music lovers say that UMEK has a different style than Adam Beyer? What makes Boris Brejcha different? Those are complex questions, but they are solved with a simple word: the essence.

The essence of a producer is so present and at the same time arguably difficult to find. Many people speak of it as the secret recipe for the Krabby Patty. But what is it? Let’s see what the internet says, I would say we dive into Greek philosophy but … neither you nor I understand those concepts, or do you?

«In philosophy, the essence of a thing is that which is invariable and permanent, which constitutes its nature. To ask what any entity is to ask about the essence of said entity»

The source that is cited on Wikipedia, I don’t remember what it is.

Ok, according to the definition, the essence is what defines us, what and who we are. Now, in an artistic career, what is that? And how can I translate that into production? Let’s go in parts, first understand what is the artistic essence and of course: what does that mean in electronic music.

artistic essence

Production and Soul for dummies

Wait a minute … right now you might be wondering: Who is this jerk, and how dare he speak about such an exquisite, interesting, and complex subject?

Allow me to introduce myself, I am your worst nightmare that comes at night to pull your feet and remind you that you must work on your music, Nah, joke. Now, allow me to explain to you who I am.

Me, Myself & I

Although it sounds incredible and even strange, two personalities come in the same package, me: Alejandro De Ita and my bittersweet counterpart called The Second Wave. I am a DJ and producer of electronic music (duh) focused on techno incorporating nuances of trance, I am 21 years old, and I am from Pachuca, Hidalgo (Yeah, Pasteland).

Full-time nerd, IT enthusiast. I am not a fan of what we know as «the system» and yes, I am a social misfit with a lot of pride. I like to think of electronic music as a complex network experienced daily by millions of operators where information is shared. Feelings, emotions, and stories are also shared, a universal language that allows us to connect with other people, in addition, to our present, past, and future. My great loves in this life are three: Machines, Electronic music, and Cyberpunk.

Techno and trance, old friends that my dad introduced me to, became the soundtrack of my life. The cozy, warm sound of a synthesized orchestra on one side, and the thunderous cold industrial beat on the other. I have always been accompanied on this beautiful trip by Ferry Corsten, D-Nox & Beckers, Dash Berlin, and deadmau5 (among many others). They gave life to my perfect pink-colored days, and when it was time for my dad to leave this existential plane they were still present giving color and meaning to my life.

artistic essence

The Lord of ¿Machines? (Nah, this is another producer) My artistic essence part 2

My relationship with machines is special. After the accident, they somehow became my best friends. The digital world presented me with not one, but many perspectives of this existence that surrounds me, and for me, they were the way I continued to learn and prepare myself for the challenges that I would face.

From the hand of computers came my introduction to Cyberpunk: Akira, Ghost In The Shell, Blade Runner. A dystopian, apathetic, insensitive, highly digitized, and industrialized future full of anarchist glimpses, might sound weird, but that was the future I wanted for myself.

¿Why am I telling you all this? Besides that, I love talking about myself because the first one who has to fall in love with your project is yourself, and I really am. I am going to take myself as an example for what I will share with you.

The artistic essence part 1: A bunch of holocrons to get the inside me

These three pillars forged me as a person and from there my project «The Second Wave» was born, its mission: to thank electronic music for saving my life and providing shelter to those who need it, just like it did once for me.

And it turns out that this is the first key to building your essence. Delve into your life to find something that has marked you either positively or negatively and from there build your manifesto. Some will tell you that this is nonsense, but I know what I’m saying, try introspection, you are less boring than you think.

The essence is the set of elements that make you the person who reads this text, and there is no one like you. Not because there is human cloning, there are robotic replacements or someone might be trying to imitate you. Obviously, this is not limited only to people.

To speak about the essence of a producer is to speak of his own history: his past, his present, and his aspirations for the future. In short: What makes you who you are, what is your story, and what message do you want to leave the world?

That essence is the way in which you arrange your elements, notes, effects, samples, etc., as well as the soul that you put into each of the pineapples that you take out. That essence will mean that even if you produce exactly the same as KAS: ST, people will immediately distinguish that this song is not theirs.

artistic essence

What’s the purpose of finding my essence?

Lovers of electronic music, and everything really supports the artist or creator with whom they feel most identified, and that process cannot happen if you do not have a distinctive stamp in your productions, personality, performance on stage, or all the previous apart from that human and unique quality in each one of us, it is what the big labels, management agencies and other entities that handle this industry are looking for.

In my case, I can say, by merging the great loves of my life, I managed to launch my music on international labels, reaching almost two million souls. It has also allowed me to get on stage and be here telling you my story.

Being authentic, leaving everything through your music and on stage creates a unique (even magical) connection with people. You become part of their lives, and you have the power that for one night they forget about their problems, that connection makes absolutely everything worth it.

 Did not learn these things by spontaneous generation, so do not pressure yourself. I know who I am, where I am standing, and what I want to get to do thanks to the fact that I meditated a lot and did each of the exercises in the course «How to be a real DJ?». Now it is my turn to give that lesson to the new generations, although from my area of ​​knowledge. If you allow me, I would love to take you through the technical part of the production because I actually offer a 4 module production course to get your productions to the next level.

Without more for the moment, I am going back to the studio waiting for you in the next chapter to talk about another topic. Which is it going to be? I don’t know, but we’ll see. Until the next time.

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